The Promotional video card is also known as a video brochure or tv in a card.

Promotion is one of the main facets in marketing. The customers need to know about the features, the function, the benefits and all details of your product. 

The Video brochure is a printed brochure that has an integrated TV screen. This video is made to communicate the promotional messages effectively. You can boost your product presentation and promotion or build a stronger brand image. You can freely design any layout that you like to put in your video card and make your marketing more exciting.
There are many benefits that you can get if you use the video brochure :

Video is one of the powerful way to deliver messages. 

Video brochure enhances the communication between companies and customers

Enhances the image of your brand

Provides an interactive and actionable communication through audio and visual content so it can generate higher response rates

You can highlight your product features, benefits and strength

In order to be effective, your video brochure needs to include these factors :

1. The content should be captivating so the viewers will be attracted to watch your video
2. Add interactive elements, for example playback control or flexible menu system.