A reusable hi-impact message card suitable for invites, presentations, advertising and promotions. This is a completely new product. The Video Cards come fully branded and loaded with any media still or movie. An amazing piece of technology at very affordable prices! They are Lightweight, slimline and have a built in video screen with speakers. they can be posted for under £2.50. Screen sizes: 2.4” or 3.5” (Video automatically starts once opened) The outer panels of the Video Card can be branded to your specification and finished using any material you require, for example a Silk, Gloss or Matt finish etc. Multiple videos can be loaded onto the 2GB Hard Drive and buttons can be included to play different videos. The Video Card can also be made with a built in video camera so that the recipient can record their own images onto the hard drive and share or send to others. All Video Cards come with a USB connection which charges the battery and allows you to remove content from the hard drive onto your computer and vice Versa. The Video Card can be used on an ongoing basis (reusable). 



Ideas for use include New Car launches, Property Sales and Rental, Holidays, Clothes Launch, Best Goals of Year for Football Clubs, Jewellery Brochure, Movie Premier Invites, Product launches etc. It is the perfect marriage between an electronic presentations, email advertising and a glossy brochure and brings products alive in the HANDS of the consumer in a fully branded cover.


Please call: 020 8208 1166 or e-mail: event@eventmerch.com