NEW: Donít Fret Album

    From the Sons of Pitches:
    Donít Fret is our first self-written album, and truly feels like a collaboration between the six of us.
    We decided to write the album becauseÖ we didnít know if we could! We have been performing and singing together for almost four years now, and it felt like the natural progression to challenge ourselves and put everything weíve learned in that time into practise. We have always been comfortable trying to create interesting covers of existing pop songs, but to create a whole new body of work is something we are immensely proud of!

    Track Listing:

    1. Comfort Me
    2. We Live On
    3. Are You There?
    4. Utopia
    5. Loviní You More
    6. More Than Gold
    7. Apple Tree Man
    8. Tell Me How It Is
    9. Back To The Rain
    10. 0712
    11. Voice In The Crowd
    12. Pelu Mi

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